Analyzing and reporting your Proquro data.



A new way of performing data in and out Proquro. Proquro Reporting is for users who reports besides the standard Proquro have more specific information and will not be dependent on complex business intelligence software.

Tailor made reports

Proquro reporting based analyzes and reports on data that already exist somewhere in your company. This may be in a different Proquro modules, but also the data from your financial software, integrated business software (ERP), logistics software, planning and so on. In order to transfer the data associated with each other, they will be housed in a central location, the data warehouse. On request, customer-specific reports are available to all relevant information in Proquro. You can obtain any insight. Like the standard Proquro charts, users can be authorized to view reports. These reports can be automatically sent by e-mail.


  • Unambiguous reporting
  • Better decision
  • Consulting reports with graphs and data
  • competitive Advantage
  • Better view of the realization of procurement objectives
  • Better knowledge management

Our reporting software

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